Buglers Across America

There is a way for you to keep giving of your spirit and talents to the broader American civic world – become a bugler and volunteer for Buglers Across America. There is a bugler shortage, and BAA is working to fill the need for buglers at funerals of veterans. There will be millions of military funerals in the near future, and there is a need. Know that buglers can receive honoraria, so there some money can be made. In this economy, that is no small matter. Also, you can play taps at unveilings conducted by your rabbi and cantor.

Visit them at http://www.buglesacrossamerica.org/Home.aspx

By the way, becoming a bugler will help your shofar playing no end. You will be in good lip all year round.

One Comment to “Buglers Across America”

  1. I am am member of this organization. Give it a try.

    For full explanation of Shofar, its influence on prayer and its historical antecedents going back to the Temple sacrifices,
    go to:



    Hearing Shofar


    Shofar Blog



    Video “How to Play Shofar”


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